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Power Bank – How To Make Best Choose

Power Bank – How To Make Best Choose

It would seem that everyone knows what a Power Bank, but it is actually not so simple.

Of course, many already know what it is, and even use them on a regular basis, but nonetheless, our readers often ask us questions about these essential devices. Many of them we try to answer. Perhaps the rest of something for myself to celebrate in this article.

Thanks to those who have already come up with a device called an external battery, or as they are also called Power Bank. Now even in many supermarkets at the checkout to find a similar device in a charged state. Of course, the price is somewhat high relative to specialized shops, but the road spoon for dinner. It would seem, all is simple: bought, plugged in, went charge. But really not all that bright.

The main reason of dissatisfaction most of the external batteries is the low quality of certain representatives of this type of electronics. And the reason that many people buy them for very little money on a Chinese website and not even bother about the manufacturer or specifications.

The most common fraud or deceit in the description of the batteries found on a Chinese website, is the wrong indication of the capacity of the Power Bank. Can write anything you want, but you’ll never get 16,000 mAh for 10usd. And after writing and such. Of course, everything is relative and you can stumble on some young or little known brand that will offer something cheap and quality, but it is rather the miracles, and their better not to wait.That is very similar and we can roughly say that a good Power Bank 10,000 mAh for less than 20-25usd to look for is not even worth it, and if you need 20,000, it is better to lay for the purchase of not less than 30usd And I’m talking about the cheapest version, without complex bells and whistles such as digital displays battery level and other things.Of course, you can come across promotions and sales, but in this case, you need to be really sure that this sale, not cunning seller who sold for 10usd, and sells, but now just decided to attract buyers, writing that it costs 40usd, and today only 10usd.

Moreover, all this applies only to the purchase on Chinese websites. In Russian stores to the price we should be bold enough to add at least 20%. But do not forget that those very cheap Power Bank with inaccurate characteristics sold us. Just some companies are buying “no-name” batteries and sell them under its brand. And this, of course, still throws a considerable amount. Thus, the battery is of low quality for 9usd from the same AliExpress in the end will be worth it in Russia for about 21usd, which to most may seem normal for a quality item.In fact it is not.

Major brands that produces Power Bank. Is Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei, and Asus, and Sony, and Lenovo. Of course, they will be more reliable and higher quality, as it is a large company who value their reputation. They may be slightly more or slightly less capacious compared with their competitors, but they will be high-quality, and most importantly, we must not forget that this is a complex electronic device that can burn both your phone and yourself.

However, in choosing the right product good famous brand also has a couple sharp corners that must somehow be circumvented. It’s clear that the more popular and more famous the brand, the more it will be forged. We will not dwell on how to distinguish the fake from the original, as big-name firms and each has its own way of checking. This information can be easily found on the Internet with pictures and examples. Let’s just say that if you order from China, we get less, but no guarantee of quality, as the product will not work to check before paying.So, just to minimize risks, it is necessary to order from the seller who sold at least several hundred units of this device and has at least a couple dozen people, none of whom complain about the quality.

Personally, I my first Power Bank presented back then, when few people knew. I really liked the idea of this device, and I used. Even at home, when the phone needed, and to outlet far. Hooked up and ready to enjoy. After some time in the period of violent outlet to I ordered the external battery simply because it was so cheap. So to speak, to try decided. Lucky! Check code on the manufacturer’s website showed that the battery original, and the code to do this has never been tested.I finally gave, and then bought another of the same manufacturer is already in Russia, don’t even remember what store, but when I called them, they immediately said, “Yes, of course, it will be possible to check code before you buy”. The difference in price with China was about 8usd, and I even did not bother. In the end, I bought and everything works. In this case I was lucky at all stages, but when ordering I acted at your own risk.

In General, the question is subjective, but I personally think that when buying a Power Bank in the region of two thousand roubles there is no sense to order it in China, because the difference will be not so much. In my practice it was no more than 15-20 percent. That is about 8usd. In this case I bought not one Power Bank for all time, and about five to seven pieces for yourself, as a gift and just by help to buy. For these 8usd, I got a purchase immediately, and not within a known time from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, and also at least some place where I could come and make a claim.Yes, even just the risk of losing and going on-not worth the 8usd.

When choosing a Power Bank should be considered an important factor. If you buy the device at 10,000 mAh, it is in any case does not mean that you will be able to four times charge your phone with the battery 2500 mAh. And it does not depend on popularity of the brand, I was talking about before. Many understand it, but not all, as evidenced by the questions I once asked about this. In fact, in the above example, the charges will be a maximum of three. This is caused by many factors. First, the declared value is one thing, real is another.Even the major brands there are differences between the declared and actual characteristics. Secondly, can not be losses when each device has its own controller that regulates the charging process. And, thirdly, the phone’s not switched off and consumes energy for its own needs. Accordingly, until it charged to 100%, but “suck” from an external source not only what you need to achieve those hundred percent, but what he will need to work during these couple of hours while charging.

Also, when choosing a external battery pack it is necessary to pay attention to the amperage, which is able to deliver connectors. Usually there are options with connectors at 1 ampere or 2 ampere. Also, there are devices equipped with two ports with different amperage. It is worth noting that if you need to charge your phone only, it will be enough of one ampere, but if you want to charge your tablet, then one amp may not be enough. For me this was the main reason for the upgrade Power Bank. My first was equipped with only one connector with a current of 1 ampere. Now I have two connectors at 2 amperes.Of course, he will not be able to issue two on both ports, but when charging a tablet, everything is fine, close to the stated amperage is, and the battery level is filled.

Separately it is necessary to consider the so-called designer Power Bank. Of course there are good expensive and even luxurious options, but for the most part it’s a Chinese device with an inexpensive filling, and the price is higher than the counterparts, only for the case in which everything is Packed. Well, there is actually someone in that much. They come in the form of characters from popular cartoons, animals, food products and even Emoji.

So, as we just once again convinced, portable chargers a lot and they are all different and you just have to choose what is necessary for each specific user according to key parameters.


If you need a Power Bank for a long journey, it is best to have a minimum of 16,000 mAh. Then you will be able not to think about the outlet for a very long time. But if you go more than one or you have more than one device, then it is better that it was equipped with a second connector for simultaneous charging of two gadgets. Well, the situation is reversed. If you just need to get in the bag was about the stock “extra battery” just in case, it is possible to take something on 3000-4000 mAh and wear them always with you. Then you won’t even notice its weight, but will always be sure that you will not remain without communication.

The weight and size

There are no miracles, and by increasing the capacity increases the weight and size of any battery. So, if you offer two batteries and say that one is more capacious, but more easy than the second one, think it’s very unlikely.


Here the options are not many, and usually they boil down to the fact, embedded in the wire itself or the Power Bank with a USB socket, into which is inserted any wire. I think no need to explain that the second option is much more practical. There are also external batteries cellphone cover, but only for the most popular models. Conveniently, you can use your phone as usual, but uncomfortable due to the fact that you have to always carry it on your phone or constantly to remove.


If you do not want an external battery was beautiful, then do not pursue design and take the usual strict appearance, plastic, or aluminum. In these models, the manufacturer does not take extra money for the design and the quality of the filling will be better for the same money.

Charge indicator

This is a very important thing, is the Power Bank without it, although I have to be honest, these have not yet met. As a rule, the indicator is a few LEDs (mostly 4). If you burn everything, battery full, if half, then half and so on. There are digital indicators or scale on the built-in LCD screen. Nice, but nothing more. And also adds cost and increases the dimensions of the device.

I have long decided on the choice of external batteries. I have one for trips to 16 000 mAh battery with two ports, from which I charge the phone, tablet, GoPro and more. And one 5000 mAh for daily use, which is always in the bag just in case. The choice was difficult but I made it.